What is MeRTSM

An Individualized Approach to Brain Stimulation

The MeRTSM approach uses brainwave analysis to construct a picture of how different areas of the brain are functioning and to target treatment based on that analysis through non-invasive neuromodulation.

Finally, the Personalized Approach People Need

No two people are the same even if they're experiencing similar symptoms, which is why our approach is revolutionary.

Our individualized protocols utilize brainwave analysis to assess how different areas of the brain are functioning and reveal areas that aren't communicating the way they should. We then use this data to develop a personalized and targeted approach aimed at bringing about healthy brain communication.

Our targeted, personalized approach focuses on the science of each person's distinctive brain state.

A number of rTMS systems have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for neuromodulation in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. The neuromodulation equipment used by the MeRTSM approach has been cleared by the FDA in the treatment of depression, and may be used off label for other disorders in the practice of medicine.

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